JPEG: How to fix Corrupted, Damaged or Deleted JPEG/JPG File

What is JPEG?

JPEG is abbreviated for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which signifies ISO/IEC standard for the joint venture of specialist that develops and maintains an array of compression algorithm. In the world of digital imaging, JPEG is itself a image file format standards i.e. Joint Photographic Expert Group is the name of committee who created the JPEG standard including other still picture coding standards. Here, ‘Joint’ signifies ISO TC97 WG8 and CCITT SCVIII. Formal name of JPEG standards are Information technology-Digital compression and coding of continuous-tone still images. This standard specifies the Codec with the definition of image compression into a stream of bytes and decompression into image, but not for the file format which is generally used to contain the stream of bytes. There are two commonly used standard formats for swapping JPEG compressed images i.e. Exif and JFIF. A JPEG file can be roughly divided into two parts:

  1. JPEG- Header (~ 0.05 percent)

– Thumbnail of 160 x 120 pixel

– Thumbnail of 640 x 480 pixel

  1. JPEG- Scan (~ 99.95 percent)

– Original image with the resolution of 2576 x 1932 pixel

Technical specification of JPEG:

File format


Degree of compression

Adjustable accordingly(b/w storage size and image quality

Typical compression

10:1 with little noticeable loss of image quality

MIME media type(excluding IE)


MIME media type(for IE)


Maximum image size

65, 535×65, 535 pixels(up to 4 gigapixels for 1:1)

Extensions method

.jpg or .jpeg



How do JPEG/JPG files Corrupt, Damage or Delete?

There are various means of data loss but here, it is important to clarify the terms like Corrupt, Damage or Delete;

  • Corrupt: It reflex the action of disturbance by making errors or unintentional alterations.
  • Damage: It is something related to any physical harm that impairs the normal functionality.
  • Delete: It is an action of erasing some content, written physically or virtually.

Now, there are many cause of JPEG/JPG file Corruption, Damage or Deletion, which are listed below:

  • Image/Photo files corrupt due to sudden attack of virus which consumes its thread codes
  • Image/Photo files damage due to sudden act of accident or mis-happening to the physical container of such files.
  • Image/Photo files delete due to sudden act of planned removal either physically or virtually. Such may happen due to unknown cleaning operation or attack of virus.

Apart from all these non-acceptable loss of data may occur due to insecure browsing/computing/use of PC. Such cases may arise due to incomplete bufferingdubbing or unexpected power-cut while loading/downloading or viewing those image/photo files. These JPEG/JPG file loss isn’t dependent on any platform like Windows/Mac system.

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