How To Restore Corrupted, Deleted or Lost SR2 Images From Sony digital camera

By | September 24, 2021

Hello everyone, I am using a new model of Sony digital camera namely Sony a6000. A two days back, my friend has deleted my all important image files by pressing delete all buttons where all photos are related to SR2 format. These all files are very important for me. When I attempt to get back my pictures with the help of updated backup nothing it gets failed to find the lost them. Thus, please suggest me the efficient recovery tools to restore all deleted files from my digital camera. Thanks for your help!

What is SR2 Image File Format ?

In today’s internet era, a number of professional photographers and enthusiasts save their imprtant photos in default RAW file formats that are related to SR2 images. SR2 is a standard picture format which can be supported by Sony a6000 or other numerous models. There are a number of models of Sony camera that uses SR2 images as a
default RAW image format. Some of the SR2 images are easily captured in various Sony digital camera models. The file is easily saved as a .sr2 format which is known as a extension name of SR2 images. There are numerous image editing applications that allows you to open and preview of pictures including Windows Live Photo Gallery, CyberLink PhotoDirector, Microsoft Windows Photos and many others.


What are the scenarios behind the corruption or deletion of SR2 photos ?

  • When you accidentally press delete all keys on your Sony digital camera then it would damage your SR2 related images.
  • While handling of memory card improperly.
  • The long existence of malicious infection may lead to corruption and inaccessible of all images files.
  • In some cases, when you mistakenly delete Sr2 pictures from your Sony digicam or computer machine at the time of previewing of files.
  • Improper format’ of camera’s memory card can erase your all necessary image files saved on camera’s memory card.
  • In some circumstances, when you attempt to connect the SD card on your Windows system using mini USB cable, it will force you to select a option named as “do you want to format it now”. If you move your mouse cursor on this format option then your card containing image files gets crashed and missing from the device.
  • When you unintentionally remove the memory card from your camera or pull out the card without ejecting properly then it can lead to the SR2 file corruption.
  • Clicking high quality photos when your camera’s battery is showing low battery related alerts then it would the vital images or photos that are stored on the device’s internal space.

Moreover, these above all photo-loss scenarios or symptoms that results in the deletion or missing of SR2 pictures captured in the Sony digicam. In such perilous conditions, if you have the right or valid backup of the files then it can help you regarding restoration of photos. But, if you have not maintained any backups and looking for effective solution on how to overcome the SR2 image corruption then you need to take the benefits of SR2 Image File Recovery Software. It is a proficient, safe and reliable recovery utility which can assist you in restoring your lost pictures from Sony digital camera. It is a risk-free application which is compatible with numerous versions of Windows as well as Mac operating systems. It can employ intuitive, easy and user-friendly interface that makes the program or software easy to navigate for photographers as well as novice users.


List of unexpected error notifications that occurs after corruption or lost of SR2 pictures

When the all image files gets suddenly broken, damaged, disappeared and lost from camera’s memory card then it will begin displaying the number of unrelated error alerts on the main screen. These related messages are extremely irritating for all camera users. Look out the errors which has been mentioned below :

  • Do you want to quick format the memory card ?
  • You are not permitted to access the image file and perform any activity on the device.
  • You are not able to access the selected image files.
  • Picture.jpg does not found in the camera’s memory card.
  • You need to insert the compatible a disk in the removal drive or disk.

Follow Manual methods to get back deleted SR2 pictures

there are three different manual approaches that can allow you to retrieve your deleted, disappeared and lost SR2 image files from Sony digital camera. Some of the steps are classified below :

Method 1. Restore SR2 Images using Backup

Backup is one of the easy option which can help you in retrieving all important pictures related to SR2 format. So, always create a backup folder on external removal drive and Cloud storage. But this option is only possible if you have used the valid or updated backup of Sony SR2 picture files

Method 2. Install Third party Sony RAW Driver applications

In some instances, your Windows system does not supports Sony driver application or tool to show the deleted RAW image files that are corrupted or broken through mistakenly deletes. So, you need to download and install Sony RAW Driver software or tool on your system which helps in displaying the lists of all RAW SR2 image files. This tool supports numerous versions of Windows operating systems.

Method 3. Perform CHKDSK(when your all RAW image files are stored on the hard drive of PC)

In most cases, if you have used Sony digicam or DSLR camera and saved the files on the memory card then you can easily retrieve them by following Check disk or chkdsk command option. After, connect your memory card to your Windows PC using USB and follow the all instructions :

  • Use Windows and R keys together to run Command prompt box.
  • You will see a Commad Prompt window where you need to type chkdsk D : / t and press Enter key.
  • Type Y and Hit Enter again.
  • After, you will see a new folder of all restored Sony SR2 Image files that are used by Sony card and then save all of them at the desired location of your system.

Detailed key features of SR2 Photo Recovery Software

There are the lists of well-known features provided by SR2 Photo Recovery Tool that allows you to recovers your all necessary photos from cameras. Some of the features which has been listed below :

  • This powerful utility can easily restore image files from FAT32, NTFS, HFS and other file systems.
  • The SR2 File Recovery application can retreive your lost pictures from the trash folder after deleting.
  • It can use user-friendly interface for instant recovery, so it’s very simple and easy for all novice users.
  • It can easily restore your deleted files from memory card, external flash drives, hard drives as well as other portable digital devices.

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