FAQ: Useful Solution to JPEG/JPG Errors

FAQ: JPEG/JPG file errors and repair/recovery(for Windows/Mac)

Q. I can see the thumbnail of my photo file, but I can’t open the file itself, why?

Reply: Thumbnail of the image persists in the header of the file for quicker preview of the picture. For each picture saved in image file, a miniature of that is saved in the header of the file which can be shown in the browser or on the camera display without loading or decoding but JPEG scan itself is invalid.

Q. Whenever I want to open one of my JPEG file, it throws an error message “the file appears to be damaged or corrupted”. How do I solve this?

Reply: For this, you have to be sure about the following reminder:

You did nothing to change hardware or software on the computer regarding this issue.

  • What is the file size of the JPEG file you are opening?
  • Does the same issue occur with all your .jpeg file extensions on the computer?
  • Although, you can easily fix your error by using Stellar Phoenix repair/recovery software.

Q. While I try to upload a JPEG file then, an upload error occur “jpg file extension is not allowed. You can only upload JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF files”

Reply: See if your upload fields have correct file extensions settings. Just replace each extension on file upload fields with asterisk symbol ‘*’ (without quotes)

Q. Many of files facing trows ‘No preview available’ message. What should I do?

Reply: Such error occur while you try to view Graphic files. Use Stellar Phoenix review for JPEG recovery software to automate your fast recovery of image file.

Q. I can’t see the preview of picture in my image folders?

Reply: You mean to say ‘you can’t see the thumbnails(previews) of picture under any your image folders, but only icons? OK, any ways. Follow the following steps that will enable you for picture’s thumbnails previews:

Start button==>Search box, type folder options==>View tab==> UN-check “Always show icons, never thumbnails”==>OK

Other question related to Stellar:


The recovered image is appreciably smaller than the original one. Is this a demo restriction or a Stellar-recovery error?


No, this issue is not related to demo restriction or a Stellar-recovery error, rather it means that the original image was severely damaged. The image restored is only a thumbnail which is stored along with the real picture, which is corrupted beyond recovery.


What limitations does the demo version of Stellar-recovery have?


The demo version consist of a black square with demo text on the recovered image while the full version of recovery results will contain the image back to its original state. Note that the only difference between demo and full version is black square associated with demo only.