JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’: How to fix?

“No preview available” is one of the hassler error of JPEG/JPG image/photo file type and a cross platform issue i.e. Windows/Mac OS. Mostly it arises in case of graphical file. Use any robust software like Stellar Phoenix review for JPEG recovery software to heal such problem with a complete details of related issues, cause of error and more.

What is JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’?

JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’ is a the prominent error type, arises with JPEG/JPG type file-format due to some missing bytes of virtual code that causes inaccessibility. This error arises when you try to open a file with extension “.jpeg” or “.jpg”. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using because such error comes with Windows OS as well as Mac OS. Some of the image viewer programs are Windows Picture and Fax ViewerPicasa(for both OS)Image Stone(Windows)Photoplus(Mac) and etc. which face such problem while opening image file of the above said extension. This error indicates your corrupt/damaged or sourceless file. Most probable cause of such error is corrupted/missing of headers in the JPEG files.



How does the error JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’ come?

There are many cause, which may include your intension or may not on either platform i.e. Windows/Mac OS. Following list can be made:

  • Deletion: Deletion of stored image file form source that may be your hard drive or digital camera or any such digital imaging electronic device.
  • Batch destruction of JPG file: It may happen due of formatting the source disk like memory card or disk containing the batch of JPG file, which causes JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’ error.
  • Corruption: Your storage media like Memory card, USB drive/Flash drive, Hard derive etc. may be the victim of inaccessibility of the JPEG file with above said error due to corruption.
  • Damage: Physical harm made to the accessible media.
  • Interruption while transferring JPEG/JPG files from any digital media.
  • Dual Spoliation or Conversion into RAW: Loss of digital bytes.
  • Multiple use of storage media containing the JPEG image file for different digital imaging device including your computer.
  • Bad sector: Your hard drive may encounter bad sector and in this case image under such area get lost.
  • File permission: It results after changing/upgrading Windows/Mac system that may block you for any wrong permission.
  • Unsupported image viewer program: ‘No preview available’ will Pop-up if you don’t have supportive program.
  • Resolution issue: Such error will be thrown by the system if your hardware or graphical software doesn’t meet minimum resolution for any JPEG/JPG image/photo file of dedicated pixel.

General issues/Pop-up error message

Following are the general issues that a Windows/Mac OS or viewer programs throw:

  • “No preview available”

  • “File format is not supported”

  • “Cannot read from file”

  • “File contains errors”

  • etc

Solution to JPEG/JPG ‘No preview available’ error

First of all you should know that there are no any temporary or massive Manual solution to ‘No preview available’ error type. In some cases you may revert your Windows/Mac settings to get back the original JPEG/JPG file but, if such files really gone corrupted, damaged or deleted then you must have only a single solution with the use of Automatic recovery/repair software like Stellar Phoenix Review for JPEG Recovery software. However, you would short some common mistakes, unwillingly made by yourself. Following are two Manual methods to overcome such error:

  1. Bad sector removal: Check your hard disk for any bad sector issue. If so found then try “chkdsk” on your computer. However, there is very less chance or recovery but you can opt.

  2. File permission: Check if there any file permission type issue because of Windows/Mac update. If so then follow these below listed steps:

…Open your folder containing JPEG/JPG file

=>> Tools

=>> Folder Option

=>> View

=>> disable “use simple file sharing(Recommended)” from the list of ‘Advance Settings‘.

=>> compare the properties of corrupted file with those which are in working condition and make required differences.solution: Stellar Phoenix Review for JPEG recovery software

If the above two methods do not meet your real problem then you need a robust and multi-layered JPEG Repair/Recovery Tool called as Stellar Phoenix Review for JPEG recovery software for any diverse version of Windows/Mac i.e. compatible with all version of Windows or Mac OS. This software also repairs/recovers JPEG files that are corrupt or damaged due to any reasons. It is available at your finger-tip with features like; redesigned interface, real time proctoring, fast and lite, user-friendly and handy, multi-lingual support, low cost but high performance, professional approach, cross version to Windows/Mac OS, full GUI, remote cum customized technical support and free trial version.